The Mission of Ludo Piano is to develop, educate, and inspire students to achieve their full musical potential and provide them the skills to explore a world of musical styles for lifelong enjoyment of music. 

Ludo Piano teachers go beyond just the notes in a book to provide fun, positive and creative experiences, build confidence, and teach children how to express themselves, explore and discover a symphony of possibilities. 

Marina Kobiashvili, is the owner and founder of LudoPiano, an organization dedicated to spreading and teaching the art of piano playing. Marina received her education from Tbilisi State Conservatory. In 1994, while in Paris, France, she began her career as a piano teacher. Her teaching method quickly brought in numerous students, some even stayed with her for over 20 years. Her skill in this area made it possible for Marina to guide students in achieving success during Laureate, Steynway, and Grand Concours International de Paris contests. Along with this, she has written her first book, Learn To Play Piano For Kids. Marina has also created Methode Ludopiano, which was successfully adopted by l’Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel and l’Ecole FIDES à Paris. Today, her method is used to guide and engage young students as they master the piano, while at the same time, having fun.


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