Dear parents and teachers,


A child’s success in life depends greatly on two factors: motivation and enthusiasm. When a child is motivated and encouraged, everything he does is filled with enthusiasm, pride and a sense of confidence. This motivation, enthusiasm, and confidence are key to your child’s progress. He is supported and has found something that he feels he can thrive in – something that is uniquely his own.


This is why we put this ludopiano method in place. The ludopiano method rests on the basic concepts of associating colors with notes, and vice versa. By using the color approach, learning music becomes an enjoyable process instead of a tedious and boring chore.


There are seven notes and seven color personalities in the ludopiano method, each with its own unique history that helps your child remember the name and location of each note. The children also develop a relationship with each note, which will help them to remember the placement and even sound of the notes. The learning of notes and their position on the keyboard is done simultaneously. Each music lesson is followed up by written exercises. 


The section of classical and traditional songs are strategically arranged so that your child can access and discover the satisfaction and pleasure of playing the piano like a pro as early as her first lesson. Your child or student will be able to read the notes and play on the keyboard by following this method carefully. They will feel good about music and develop an understanding of theory. The ludopiano method is fun, and it will bring back joy and excitement to your child’s piano lessons and musical journey!


Welcome to the world of music!

"Learn to Play Piano" For Kids

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